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Evan Pytlewski
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13 October 2014

It should come as no shock that schools in richer communities are better suited for their students than those in poor communities, or that these schools get their students ready for more appealing jobs in the future. Jean Anyon bring up the idea that particular aspects of teaching have a hidden curriculum in schools based on perceived adequacy of students as well as their place on the social and economic ladder.
Jean Anyon traveled to and analyzed five elementary schools during a full year and came to the conclusion that the fifth-graders from the different schools and different economic backgrounds are being prepped to take over particular spots of social standings in society. One may even say some schools are pre-trade schools, while the more affluent schools are geared to churn out doctors, lawyers, and the next big wig executives. She drives the point home that students who are at an economic advantage have more opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and skills to succeed in life, while the other less advantageous group is given a basic curriculum.
In working class schools the teachers don’t setup anything for discussions. One teacher explained to Anyon, “Simple punctuation is all they’ll ever use.”(Anyon 174) there was no discussion heard from the class about how to properly use or why these certain symbols were used as punctuation. The teaching is very mechanical and rigid, students were told on one occasion to write an autobiography by answering questions “Where were you born?” “What is your favorite animal?” on a sheet titles “All About Me.” (Anyon 175). In a different working class school on a card that was passed out to the class it had instructions written on it; the question that was to be answered, the books to use, and the amount to write. The teacher explained the cards further “It…...

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