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(It was a day of rays of sunshine. A Britain general, Martha, was riding home on her horse as the sun was setting. She went to the farm of luck and overheard that the army of Scotland will have war with Britain. She rode the horse rapidly to report what she has overheard them saying.)
Martha: My king, my king! I came before you to report war of the soldiers of Scotland
King: Where did you hear such a thing?
Martha: At the farm of luck, my king
King: Go and prepare the soldiers for the battle and I’ll inform the guards. I expect them to be alert and quick by the time you’ve finished with them. You can use the training center.
Martha: Yes my king
King: Lucile come fourth towards me. I was informed by General Martha that war will come fourth of this country. Keep the guards on a lookout and prepare the weapons.
Lucile: Yes my King

Martha: A war will comes fourth of us. We have to be one step ahead of them. I have prepared this course for you to see what you’re good at. This course is about awareness and skills.
(Lucile comes fourth of Martha)
Lucile: I have prepared the weapons. Do you want to see?
Martha: ok let’s see what you’ve prepared so far.
Lucile: this is all the weapons I found. These are bundles of rapier, daggers, sniper, riffles and swords.
Martha: great can they be used now.
Lucile: yes
Martha went back at the course and took 12 men to begin a practice trial with the weapons. She took them into the training centre and introduces them to Cenaro, the trainer of the centre.
Martha: I pick you guys because you will be training with Cenaro. He is the trainer of this centre. He will help you to be quick and train you on killing and headshots and more. We will switch areas after we think you are exceedingly superior in this area.
He trained them while…...

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