Smoking and Casino

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Smoking and Casino

Can you imagine what casinos will be like if on day there is a ban on smoking in casino? These days more and more people are against the smoking. Also, many places have been starting to prohibit smoking in public or semipublic, like school, mall, airport or restaurant. It is obvious that people pay regard to the question of smoking. People think smoking will affect our health. Admittedly, smoking is not good for couples of reasons, but not in a casino. Smoking in casinos should not be banned by three reasons. First of all, smoking should not be banned because casinos need customers. Undoubtedly, smoking is not good for people, but In fact there are lots of customers smoking. If casinos prohibit smoke, then casino must lost lots of money. In addition, casinos employees who work long time in casino will inhale secondhand smoke all the time. It is not fair to the employees. But in fact employees are here to serve customers with the best, they also get pay more than jobs which out of casinos, so they should sacrifice themself to inhale secondhand smoke. Second, smoking should not be banned because people who come to casinos for gambling need to be enjoyed and relaxed. Certainly, some people don’t feel good with the smell of smoking, or even they think inhaling the smoke is unhealthy. However, many customers flew a long way to Vegas for vocation; they wish they can have fun, be free and unrestrained. If casinos do not allow people smoke indoor, then they must be upset and disappoint. Besides, when people gambling that is kind of high pitch or tense situation, so they need the cigarette to liven the things up or help to take away the pressure. It is all about money. Last, smoking should not be banned because it is all about right and freedom. Everybody knows that United States is a free democracy country, thus…...

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