Sms Spam: Indonesia’s Never Ending Story?

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SMS Spam: Indonesia’s Never Ending Story?

Hazmi Alfiyatur Rahmah
School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics,
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Technological development brings a positive and negative impact on human life as well as the SMS technology. Since the advent of technology and SMS Gateway SMS Broadcast, then SMS Spam began to bloom too. Competition among cellular phone providers become one of the roles in the proliferation of SMS Spam in Indonesia. War fare and bonus SMS makes SMS rates to be very cheap even free. SMS Spam cases ranging from those that are disturbing to the fraudulent acts that cause a material loss has been a lot going on.

Keywords-SMS SPAM, etics, law.


SMS (Short Message Service) is a service available on mobile telecommunications in GSM and CDMA networks to send and receive short messages in the form of text. SMS first appeared in Europe in 1991 and in 1992 with an SMS text message was first performed on a Personal Computer (PC) to a mobile phone on Vodafone's GSM network. The technology used is a store and forward where the SMS messages sent are temporarily stored in the Message Center. Basically the SMS message consists of 140 bytes which can be 140 8-bit characters, 160 characters in 7-bit or 70-bit character 16 [1].

The advantages of this service is low cost. Before the advent of smartphone technology and sending chat messages via the internet, SMS is a service that is in demand and is widely used by mobile phone users. All providers even compete to provide promo SMS service and use it as a promotional event and attract customers.

Until now, SMS technology has been widely used in various aspects. Besides just to exchange short messages, the SMS is also used for promotional activities, dissemination of information even in the case of banking with SMS Banking. The advent…...

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