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Snow White and the 10 planks of confidence
“Hello my name is meera, im allison, and im fayha and we will be presenting the 10 planks of confidence through the story of snow white and the 7 dwarfs”

Narrator: Once upon a time in the depths of the Planko Forest, a long lost princess makes her way to an isolated cottage in the middle of the forest. As she approaches the small house hoping to find help, she notices a bright light and hears a cry for help. She peers through the window and sees a strange image.
Witch: “You dwarfs haven't been very loyal, so for that I take away any memories you have of yourselfs. See if you can find your way out of this.” [witch gestures hands in a spell like movement]
[witch leaves]
Narrator: Confused Snow White slowly makes her way into the cottage
Snow White: “Hello? Is anyone there?” [walks around the class slowly, looking around]
Narrator: She stumbles upon a group of small people
Snow White: Hi! What’s your name?
Dwarf 1: Umm I…. i dont know.. none of us do
Snow White: You don’t know your name? well then I’ll name you Contenta, it stands for content. Narrator: Content: you pick a topic worth talking about. And you Research, research, research.
Snow White: Do you want to help me name your other friends?
Dwarf 1: Yah!
[Snow White and dwarf 1 goes around naming 9 other dwarfs]
Snow White: Your name is going to be Orgo for Organization.
Narrator: Organization: You have a well planned outline that is easy for you and your audience to follow. Clear main ideas, logical support, and strong introduction and conclusion.
Dwarf 1: and your name is Notsia you stand for notes
Narrator: Notes: your there as a guide for speeches. You will be the outline
Snow White: your name is Fuenly it stands for friendliness.
Narrator: Friendliness: you convey warm, friendly attitude, smile and get them to laugh
Dwarf 1:…...

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