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In Gone with the Wind, there is a second main female character behind Scarlett O’hara, Melanie Hamilton. I believe she is a brave dame as well. I am going to present my reasons to my point from 6 scenes in the film as follows:
1. In the Atlanta Bazaar, Melanie had no valuable jewellery to donate, because she and Scarlett were in mourning for Charles, so Melanie decided without any hesitation to donate her wedding ring to the confederacy for the noble cause. In this scene, we can see a brave dame is willing to face moral and physical challenges (Isaacs, 12). When there is a conflict between a notable cause and her own benefit, she would sacrifice anything from herself for the cause. She gave the wedding ring real value off her finger. What a brave dame!
2. After Melanie was back to Tara with Scarlett after delivering a baby, one day a Yankee soldier broke into their house to rob and even intended to rape Scarlett. Scarlett shot the Yankee to death. Melanie was so brave to hold a sword in hand ready for fighting against the soldier at the same time. She was so brave without any scare when she saw Scarlett shot the soldier saying: “you killed him. I am glad you killed him.” She just delivered a baby not long ago and was very weak. In such a situation, she behaved like a fighter without any fear facing the enemy. What a brave dame!
3. One day, Belle Watling, a well-known prostitute, came to Melanie intending to donate part of her weekly earnings to the local hospital. Belle had found her offer being rejected. Her money was believed that would be an insult to the heroic and wounded soldiers. However, Melanie accepts the money. She believed that the hospital needed the help and that Belle's intentions were noble in this case. Susan Isaacs argues that a brave dame has high ethical standard (p 12). From this scene, we can see Melanie’s higher ethical standard than others.…...

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