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The Importance of Risk Management for Managers
Anthonique Brock
Walden University
March 21, 2015

Leck, H (2014). The Importance of Risk Management for Managers. Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society, 119-194

The purpose of the article was to explain the causes of accidents in the workplace and how does management deal with it. According to (Leck, 2014) “Accidents do not happen by themselves they are caused accidentally…” This statement is true but Leak wanted to dig deeper so he can understand the root cause of the accidents. It is always two sides to a story whether it is true or false but both sides deserve to be heard. Leak gave an example of a man driving a forklift and it tipped over because he ran over a stone. The question is what really caused the accident? Was it the stone or was the driver not paying close attention? This is a good example but this will be a never ending question. Leck researched 2 main theories regarding accident causes; what caused the accident and the deep-seated causes of the accident. For example, it could be that the stone caused the accident because it was too big for the driver to avoid. Maybe the driver was distracted and could not avoid the stone so he had to hit and in result the forklift tipped over. So that Leck can get to the bottom of the question, he researched and came up with basic models of accident. According to (Leck, 2014) “Basic model of accidents try to describe or explain how the critical event that caused the accident happened…There are five major models that try to explain how the critical event happens…” The injury causation model; this is due to a malfunction or error, occupational hygiene model; bad working environment, energy model; uncontrolled energy, change model; change in the work process and the ergonomic model; lack of compatibility. Each of these models explains the occurrence of…...

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