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Ford Motor Company not only survived the financial crisis of 2008/2009, which had pushed General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy, but also emerged as a robustly competitive member of the world’s leading auto producers. However, Ford’s ability to sustain its strong financial performance depends critically on the state of the world’s automobile industry (Grant).
Synopsis of the Case:
The automobile industry soared in early 1920’s and became primary industry which drove US economy during that time and Ford had built the largest factory in the world which corroborates the growth and state of auto industry and since then it is having huge impact on US economy.
Relevant Factual Information about the Problem The downfall of auto industry in 2008/2009 suffered losses to such an extent that General Motors and Chrysler, two of the Big Three players, filed for bankruptcies. Financial crisis was not the only reason, high supply and less demand was one of the prominent reason for the financial crisis. This decline in industry revenues and profits in 2008 promised a major industry restructuring. (Grant)

Explanation of Relevant Concepts.
A SWOT analysis on the Ford gives more insight and effective solution to sustain the financial performance and have an edge over competition.
Strengths: Ford has strong position in US market and it is the second largest auto-maker in US. It was described as the “most important industrial company in the history of the United States” by Forbes. Ford’s Econetic technology, which is customer driven initiative to produce highly fuel efficient, lowers emissions and lowers cost of ownership by improving existing engines. Focus Econetic has better fuel consumption than that of Toyota Prius. Ford has survived the financial crisis while its other two big competitors GM and Chrysler needed the government bailout. Ford launched ‘One Ford’, a…...

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