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Take a Stand Essay: Hiring Millennials Almost 2 million Millennials just graduated from college and According to 4 Millennial Myths Smart Employers Should Ignore they are next in line to join the working world. Similar to the generations before them, Millennials will face ridicule by companies. Businesses are terrified of the possibility of failure with this young emerging work craving generation. But this is not the only fear, Millennial’s are left with the question whether or not they will not land the job. Employers are hiring based on the rumors they hear about the upcoming generation. Millennial’s can’t wait to quit, one of the rumors spread; the fact of the matter though is they are here to stay. “An analysis of U.S. Census…Millennials are actually more likely to stay at their jobs than Generation Xers were at the same age” (4 millennial myths smart employers should ignore, 2015). Thus proving that they are taking their jobs seriously and are perfectly capable of being in the work environment. “Millennials want more balance, but they also want more responsibility and to have a greater impact” (LeBeau, 2015). Additionally many employers are also convinced that the high tech generation is digitally addicted, rather than seeing them as having an appreciation for these advancements. Millennial’s tend to be the generation with the social media platform of communication. Although this statement is true many prefer to grow in the workplace through collaborative interaction rather than digital options according to 4 Millennial Myths Smart Employers Should Ignore. Moreover these aren’t the only rumors preventing the generation from striving in the work place. Employers think that they will have to hold their hands, when really the young professionals want to…...

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