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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 1
A: Delivering quality care is the priority of the nursing profession as an institution and in order to facilitate this, data driven indicators are employed to measure how effective the care environment is. These nursing sensitive indicators include complications such as urinary tract infection, patient falls, surgical complications, length of hospital stay, restraint prevalence, incidences of failure to rescue, patient satisfaction, pressure ulcers and nursing satisfaction. In the case of Mr. J, the demented rabbi, who as a nurse supervisor I am responsible for, nursing sensitive indicators are crucial in monitoring the level of care and making adjustments so that the patient will recover as quickly as possible. Modern nursing, aided by linear flowcharts uses the Pareto principle that states 80% of process or system problems come from 20% of the possible causal factors (Cherry, 2011). This means that by identifying the key and most obnoxious causal factors and focusing effort on relieving them, the problems can have viable solutions. An example of the need to focus on nursing sensitive indicators is the fact that restraints were used on the patient despite only having mild dementia and no previous incident as well as the restraints causing a pressure ulcer would indicate that the patient isn’t receiving the care he deserves. From these two metrics I would assign a CNA to watch over him periodically and release the restraints during that period and help him sit up to relieve the pressure on the ulcer. The discomfort from the restraints and the pressure ulcer could seriously impede Mr. J’s ability to recover or potentially cause new problems, such as sepsis from the infected wound. In addition, checking Mr. J’s and his daughter’s satisfaction, which would be undoubtedly low after he was fed food…...

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