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The Impact of Security Permits on Aviation Security at Dubai International Airport
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Abstract The research paper evaluates the impact of security permits that are adopted by Civil Aviation Authority at Dubai International Airport to strengthen the security of the airport. It identifies the significance of security measures to be adopted at this airport to ensure the safety and security of local and foreign passengers who travel to and from the airport. Considering the requirements of the aviation security at Dubai airport, the responsible authorities should adopt latest technologies and best scanning system and training of security professionals to ensure the security of airport building, equipments and passengers is protected. The paper evaluates how safety and security regulations are adopted to ensure stringent security at the airport to overcome terrorist threats in this part of the Middle East. The paper also determines how effectively the Civil Aviation Authority has developed stringent measures in consultation and coordination with airport operators, security officials and airport staff members. The paper gives best suggestions to implement effective scanning system at the airport and to develop strong coordination world international airports to strengthen Dubai airport security. The paper illustrates how the confidence of passengers have been increased to ensure their life and belongings will be in complete protection due to the adoption of latest technologies, world best scanning system by highly trained and equipped security professionals and airport staff members.

Definitions of Aviation Terms
AAIB – Air Accident Investigation Branch
AIC – Aeronautical Information Circular
AMC – Acceptable Means of Compliance
AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
ATA – Air Transport Association of America…...

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