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Today, technology is growing so rapidly that at times it is hard for the health professional to keep up. From electronic medical records to fast diagnosis, rapid lab results, and quick radiology readings the health care professionals must be constantly educated on new information systems. New technology allows more patients to be seen, faster, more cost effectively, and more securely than ever before. Telenursing is being used all over the world and the demand is growing more each year. For example, calls to the national telephone service in the UK, NHS Direct, increased by 20% every year since being introduced in 1997 (Purc-Stephenson, R., 2013). Anyone can have availability to health care on any day or any time. Some telenursing systems are open 24 hours a day.
Manuel, a co-worker has recently inquired about the role of a telenurse. He has applied for the position although has many questions about the job itself. Currently, as a student in a nursing information systems class have been educated on many roles that information systems can have in nursing, as well as a few disadvantages and advantages to the different information systems available. Manuel needs to realize that this new position places him in a role model position for the people seeking help. There are pros and cons to any career although Manuel should consider completing some self-reflection before accepting the position such as the pros and cons to telenursing, the important role and reliability he will have, as well as consumer satisfaction and education.
Telenursing is medical information and education given via phone or other communication such as video chat or instant messenger. Telenursing can include consultation for example following up with a client who had recently had a procedure completed, or a patient who has recently been newly diagnosed with a new disease process and can see how the…...

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