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Main Points:
• Textese is a type of texting language used by teenagers all over the globe.
• Teachers around the world and parents had noticed the increase of use of textese between teenagers.
• People started to worry about the future of English and many other languages such as Arabic.
• Through different generations from the past people tended to use common language other than the standard language.
• Some people argue that texting in mobiles can improve the skills of teenagers and children.
• Texting help teenagers to practice reading the English language.
• People who text more get better and higher scores in literacy test.
• Every individual have two different styles of language, one that explains his/her identity while the other is the standard language.
• Texting is considered to be a social issue and not linguistic.

In his article "Txting times," Alan Philps (2009) suggest that textese have a great impact on languages all around the world. He stated that textese is a language teenager’s use as a way of communication between one another through mobiles. Teachers and parents expressed their worries about the impact that this may cause to the English language. Additionally, some people argue that there is a good side of texting for teenagers. Such as Professor David Crystal, in which he believes that textese is not something new rather than it’s known through previous generations. He believes that every generation had a common language which they use between themselves other than the standard language. Additionally, he stated that texting is good way to improve language skills for teenagers’ duo to the extensive practice of reading and writing English by texting. Moreover, recently there were researches that showed that the more people they use texting the better they score in literacy tests. Furthermore, he indicated that there…...

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