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The UP series
Paul & Suzy

The Seven Up series was one of the first reality T.V shows to air. One gentleman took several Children from the age of seven till 49 plus and interviewed them every seven years. He found children from every background whether poor, female, or rich. Some of these children came from over privileged backgrounds able to fly the world and see great sights and live and outlandish life, while some were stuck in boarding schools sleeping 15 to a room with no knowledge what a University was. Two of my children I was assigned to was Suzy a privileged girl and Paul who was no so fortunate.

Suzy was one of three girls they interviewed at East London Primary School. When she was first interviewed she had her life all figured out. As a young child she loved her ballet, and was seen as very smart by the way she talked. Her attitude was quite snobbish and seemed much more mature than the others. At the age 14 Suzy was the child of divorced parents. Her loss of confidence is seen when being interviewed she continuously looks at the ground. Her parents split, changed Suzy’s behavior and attitude towards life, especially this program proclaiming its pointlessness and not worth doing. We then find out at 21 UP Suzy had dropped out of school and 16 and had noting meaningful to say about marriage or children, that all she wanted to do was travel the world and learn about other cultures. Suzy’s “planned out” life wasn’t going as she predicted it would. Suzy then went on and Married a gentleman by the name of Rupert and had two children. Between 21-28 up her father had passed. Rupert has been great for Suzy pulling out her wife and motherhood for her children and the way she looks at life again. At 35 Suzy mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer but Suzy is determined…...

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