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College Mindset Essay
College Mindset

A college mindset is important as college student, because a mindset describes the type of student you are. Also a college mindset can help you gain confidence in your work that you submit. For example you can be the type of student to not work through your struggles, which is a victim mindset or you can have a creator mindset, which you work through your struggles and over achieve. My current mindset as college student would be the one to work through my struggles and over achieve which makes me have a creator mindset. To become a successful college student you must possess certain qualities like turn in work on time and completed, allow yourself to spread out assignments, instead of procrastinating and finishing your work all in one night. Also you must need to know how to work well in groups and with others and study a lot. By turning in work on time you feel more accomplished and self confident with our work. When you feel more accomplished, you tend to allow yourself to work harder and more efficient. When you allow yourself to spread out assignments throughout the week, you do not procrastinate as much as you used to. I used to be a procrastinator myself and I learned nothing from procrastinating but when I spread out my work I retained so much more information than I had did before. If a college student were to procrastinate every night then they would not retain as much information as the other people that spread their work out do. As a college student you must know how to work well in groups as well as fellow classmates. Working well with others is very important because you can get assigned into a group and you may not know any of them but you need to know that working together is the most important. Working well with classmates can help…...

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