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The Dream.
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I had a dream...

One day I would open my eyes or wake up and I would no longer need smoking to keep me calmed and grounded and in that state of comfort. I would be cured. I would then walk to the trash bin with the smokes I had on hand and ditch them, along with the old habit with total good ridence and gratitude that I finally had smoked enough to cure myself.

Wow. What a lie.

And that was really true. I did have that dream. I dreamt it wherever I'd go. And it didn't matter where I went. I always needed a smoke. And with every smoke I had I would wonder, will this one be my last? Will I finally have enough in me to cure once and for all? It was also a way of holding onto a fantasy. Dreams do come true, but not in the way you may think they do sometimes.

My dream of being smoke-free came true, but not in the way I dreamed it would. I had the most illusive dream. It is much like, the American Dream. Because each person is different and have different ideas about how to live an ethical way of life without damaging life around us now, and it is us who need to make the change, to be that change, we wish to see in the world.

There are lots of lies that are told to us throughout our lives. most of mine came in the first 30 years of my life. It is hard to break free from all of those lies. They have become quite ingrained within us and when we go to release something that we have healed, another thing pops up and thus continues a cycle of releasing and healing until we are done.

And are we ever done?

No, I don't believe we are ever done. We always have work to do. We can be done with our quitting and withdrawal, but life goes on, and we still have work to do on ourselves once we know we are never going back. That is a life time of self-development and your commitment is your own vow to yourself to be the best you…...

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