The Trails of Darryl Hunt

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“The Trials of Darryl Hunt”

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March 31, 2015

On September 11, 1984 Darryl Hunt was arrested for the rape and murder of Debora Sykes. The police received a tip from a 911 phone call from a man named Johnny Gray. At the time of the call Mr. Gray claimed to be Sammy Mitchell, who was well known by the police and prosecutors. Don Tisdale the district attorney on the case prosecuted Sammy Mitchell numerous times, and saw Darryl as a young version of him. The first time Mr. Hunt was picked up by the police he claimed his innocence and cooperated with them. Later Darryl stated that the D.A. offered him $12,000 to say Sammy Mitchell committed the murder, and promised all charges against him would be dropped. If Mr. Hunt refused Tisdale said he would seek the death penalty in his case. Darryl refused to turn his friend in, and was charge with the rape and murder of Sykes even though there was no physical evidence linking him to this case. His charges were based on the 911 phone call, and an ID made by a previous Klan member Thomas Murphy. During this time Hunt met a man named Larry Little. Mr. Little started independently investigating Darryl’s case because he felt there was no way Darryl could commit this brutal crime. After talking to people in the neighborhood Larry soon learned that Johnny Gray was known as a shady and unreliable source. Little brought this to the attention of defense attorneys Mark Rabil and Larry Gordon. The defense argued their case to the court, but it did not help. On August 10, 1984 Darryl Hunt was convicted by an all-white jury and sentence to life in prison. In 1990 six years later, the court gave Darryl a new trial based on new evidence. Hunt was released on $50,000 bond, and represented by a new defense James Ferguson. Prosecutors Dean Bowman and Jimmy Yates offered a plea bargain to…...

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