The Worldview of the Medieval Christian Reader in Terms of the Existence, Experience, and Explanation of Magic and Supernatural Events

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The worldview of the medieval Christian reader in terms of the existence, experience, and explanation of magic and supernatural events
Magic and witchcraft was not only something familiar to the medieval Christian reader, it was also a part of their lives. The belief in magic and magical powers dates back to the earliest recorded history; people from ancient times have been trying to achieve different goals using supernatural powers. Unlike modern people who tend to question the credibility of every fact, medieval people genuinely believed in the existence of magic and did not question it at all. For the British, magic is a part of their creation and it was related to the Gods since they believed in the “Age of Miracles”, during which all kinds of magic were possible. Hence, there are many elements that might appear odd to the contemporary reader, but would seem perfectly normal to a person from medieval times. For example, a reader from the XXI c. would likely question the possibility of transmutation occurring in “The Three Werewolves”, or the nutritious capability of the magical apples in “From the Voyage of Mael Duin”, in contrast to the medieval reader.
Medieval literature consists of the recorded stories that people used to tell each other most often. Most Celtic stories are told by Christian churches because many of the Celtic themes overlap with Christian beliefs such as the ability to survive fire, to breathe under water, to have power over nature, etc. – properties which are often attributed to saints. Those stories are also a representation of their customs, traditions, and habits. Many of these elements of story-telling are taken by the Christian Church and implemented in religious teachings. As a result there is a set of magical numbers reappearing in Christian readings (three, seven, forty, etc.) Furthermore, many biblical themes and references can…...

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