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Hand washing assignment
In today’s society, people have become very physical as a whole. From hugging to shaking hands, everyone in the world has had contact with at least one other person in their life whether it be direct or indirect. With this much contact between people, you would think that people would keep in mind the presence of the different bacteria and germs that can be transferred from person to person. Hand washing has been proven to reduce the amount of germs on the surface of the hands. This in turn helps reduce the transfer of bacteria and germs from one person to another. Unfortunately not everyone washes their hands or if they do they don’t wash them properly.
Over the past week I have gone to the same restaurant after school. I’ve sat at the same bar area looking back into the kitchen at the hand washing station. They have fourteen employees at the restaurant and over the past week I watched as they went through their different work tasks. Working with food, you would think that hand washing would be a huge part of their safety precautions. Although they washed their hands when they got food on them, they either didn’t wash them long enough or they just let the water run over their hands without any soap. As I sat there and observed them, I also noticed that of the fourteen employees only ten washed their hands and even then they didn’t do it for the full time. Ten out of fourteen would be 71% of the employees. 71% of the employees “washed at” their hands as they walked from the customers table back to the kitchen. Even of the 71% that did wash their hands, they didn’t use a paper towel to turn the water off. That in itself defeats the whole purpose of washing their hands to begin with. If you think 71% is bad, just wait for what my next observation site brought to my attention.
For my next observation site, I went…...

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