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Title: Summer of Secret
Author: Paul Langan
This book is fiction Setting: This book takes place in Townsend press in 2004

Theme: Author trying to convey to readers to be careful of whom they are dating.
Summary: My book called the summer of secret and the main character was Darcy and she is having a lot of problem at this point in her life. Her mother and her father are fighting every day, and she worried that they might get divorce again. She did not want it to happen because her father was the one who saved her from a guy she met after her boyfriend move away to Detroit. She went over to his house thinking that they are just going to talk, but he tried to rap her. As she was fighting back her father came at the nick of the time and saved her. After that she never trusts any guy. Then as she was working she saw her friend Brisanna with a guy. It was her boyfriend and Darcy find out that he is cheating on her with other girl. Darcy tried to tell her, but she did not want to believe her. Darcy goes to meet her current friends Tray and Copper. Tray tells her that she is having cook out on the 4th of July and she should come. She had a cousin of her that is coming they could talk and know one to another. Tray also tells her that her sister Jamee had a new boyfriend Copper brother. Copper tells them that Brisanna boyfriend is giving him trouble at the garage and tells his father that I stole $20 and he spilled the oil all over the garage and all of it is coming it his check. On the 4th of July everybody went down to the park when Darcy get there saw Tray with a tall guy and it was her cousin. When Copper got to the park he saw Brisanna with her boyfriend and he sprinted after him and they started to fight. Darcy tried to stop the fight and Trays cousin pulled her by her hip and she got scared and kicked him. Everybody went back home mad. Brisanna calls Darcy and…...

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