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From Tragedy To Triumph
Dawn Little
Professor Nemeth
Kaplan University


I think that the counselor has learned a lot from his time spent with Steve. One of the big things I think the counselor has learned is that being a counselor doesn’t always mean that you have to have all the answers and that you have to fix the problems of your clients, that maybe your clients already have the answers and they just need guidance and reassurance to help them reach their goals. In the article Halstead states, “At times, I can become lost and uncertain about what I can do to help, focusing on the curse of the tragedy instead of the potential for something new and perhaps better to emerge.” (Halstead, 2000) I think Halstead has learned that as in almost everything in life, we are always learning. There are always going to be those ‘firsts’ in our career and there are always going to be those ‘rare occasions’ when things happen that we may not always know how to deal with at first. As counselors and as people in general we have to learn to deal with things as they come. Life is a constant learning experience. The counselor has learned a lot working with Steve, not only personally but I think professionally as well. The counselor’s behavior may be changing in that way also. Personally his behavior may be changing in a way that he is realizing that he may not always have the answers right away in all of life’s circumstances. We are always encountering things that happen we may not understand or even agree with, but we have to deal with them. I think professionally

FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH 3 his behavior is changing in knowing that everyone he meets may not just need him to help him solve problems but to just be an encouragement to them. The…...

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