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Today, electricity has been a major necessity for people for it gives energy to almost all devices that make their works easier. But before electricity could be consumed to power a load or a certain device, it needs to travel long distances through the utilization of electrical power systems. Electrical Power Systems consists of mainly of generating stations, transmission lines and distribution systems. From the generating stations, different types of energy are converted to electrical energy (high voltage) and then transported to the distribution systems through the transmission lines, where the voltages to be delivered to the consumers by the distribution companies are lowered. There are two designs for distribution systems, one is the Overhead Distribution System (ODS) and the other is the Underground Distribution System (UDS). Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the earlier century, ODS has been commonly used by distribution companies. It is reliable, low-cost, easily maintained and is an established method to transport bulk electricity across long distances. ODS are the lowest-cost method transmitting electrical power because most of the insulation is provided by air. The disadvantage is that ODS is more prone and subjected to interruptions due to natural causes such as lightning and storms and other failure due to short circuits and line breakage. It is also unpleasant to the eye especially to urban areas. Moreover, the voltage drop in ODS is considerably high. This puts the use of UDS into consideration. In UDS, power lines are buried directly in the ground. Because it is underground, it promotes safety in subjected area; also, it is less subjected to damage from weather conditions and other physical causes. The downside to this is that UDSystems are far…...

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