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Poverty in the Philippines
This term paper. We will tackle a topic about Poverty. All of us know Poverty but where the word poverty comes from? Who is the person behind this word? What is the reason why there’s poverty? It is because of the poor people/Urban people or because of the Corruption here in the Philippines? Is it because of the Unemployed people or is it because of laziness to find job that fits their skills?
The word poverty comes from old French poverté (Modern French: pauvreté), from Latin paupertās from pauper (poor). The English word "poverty" via Anglo-Norman povert. There are several definitions of poverty depending on the context of the situation it is placed in, and the views of the person giving the definition. And Mahatma Gandhi once said that “poverty is the worst form of violence.” Today, more than half the population on Earth is living in poverty. Some people may think that poverty is being hungry and homeless, but poverty has deep roots spread throughout the countries and making it even more implanted in the people. The causes of poverty are several, and each country can have causes that differ from other countries. But still, the main causes of poverty can be narrowed down into three main ideas, social causes, political causes and economic causes.
First is the social causes of poverty can be narrowed down to two main topics, overpopulation and education. Overpopulation, as defined by Fight Poverty organization is when a number of people live in a mass of land with deficiency in resources to support them. And also Overpopulation is a problem in poor countries and it is making them even poorer, in developed countries, overpopulation is not a big problem because they have rules for family planning such as restraining the birth rate, for example in China.
Poverty and inequality in the Philippines remains a challenge. In the past four…...

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