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Unit 3 P5

Marketing Segmentation


In this assignment I will be discussing different types of marketing segmentations, so what is segmentation? Segmentation is used by businesses to help target their products at the right customers. It is about recognising the specific needs and wants of customer groups and then using this information into providing products and services which meet customer needs.


Companies segment the market by attacking a restricted geographic area. It is very valuable information because businesses can precisely tailor their products mix based on a location, for example, people in Cambridge show a preference for coffee whereas consumers in Lincolnshire tend to prefer tea. This information will allow a tea company to focus marketing its product more up north in Lincolnshire rather than Cambridge.


Demographic segmentation means dividing a market into a group, age, gender, race, occupation and income. For example, Dove created a product for called ‘Men + Care’ which is a hygiene product targeted only for men.


Psychographic Segmentation is based on personality, values, lifestyle, interests, attitudes, self image or opinions. For example, Ducati is a motorbike manufacturer and may segment its market on the basis of personality variables such as a masculine image, independent, impulsive and fearless.

Macbook Pro

The MacBook pro is a line of Macintosh portable computers introduced in January 2006 by Apple Inc. What makes apple computers good is it is very hard to get a virus on one and they don't get slow after a long period of owning one. Apple has an online backup service allowing its customers to backup safely their memory onto the iCloud, this is very useful if you are running out of storage.

Apple claim to target the MacBook Pro to everyone but…...

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