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Guidelines for registration of stalls in SPECTRA

1. Each school will be given opportunity to run stall/stalls at the given space .One stall is compulsory and another is optional.

2. Stalls will be activity based and the theme will be related to the working of the department as far as possible. For example, the school of education, fashion technology, Pharmacy, Arts and Languages etc. can run the stalls according to the creative display/sale.

3. A group of 4 students will be given DL on account of bringing idea, planning and execution at the stall on 17 &18th Oct.14.Their entries will be punched by 14th Oct on interface by the school cultural coordinators.

4. University will NOT bear any expenses on account of stalls as the same will be met by the respective school /group of school out of the income they gain at the stall/stalls.

5. The rent for one stall will be Rs. 1100/= per day which will include 15*15 tent with three side curtains, two tables with plastic table top and frill, and two chairs which will be deposited in the accounts office by the student representative after the final approval of the stall.

6. Food stalls and recreational; and fun game stalls will not be repeated. First come, first serve will be followed. It will not be like this that 3-4 schools are having Gol Gappa and Chat stalls. First come ,first serve will be followed. So get your stalls approved at the earliest.

7. The stalls will be adjudged by a panel and the best three stall names will be announced at the time of declaration of result.…...

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