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1. How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this success relate to brand equity?
CNS has been very successful in marketing their products to those who have trouble sleeping due to snoring, those who may be sick and have nasal congestion, or to those who are affected from a case of sinus pressure and have trouble breathing. As mentioned in the video, they based the entire business around marketing and getting this product to the public therefore not only does it account for the majority of the company’s sales, but it also helps set it apart from other sleep aids. The market for items that help you sleep is massive with over the counter things in pill & liquid form, nasal sprays used for when you are sick, prescriptions from your health care physician, vaporizers, humidifiers that emit steam, and even surgeries to open your nasal passages; however, breathe right sets itself apart by being an FDA approved product that is drug free and is easily applicable for its users.
Also relating to their success is their ability to adapt to the different cultures when they promote their products. As they experienced with marketing the product here in the United States vs. marketing in the United Kingdom, everything plays a part including packaging. Where the dark packaging worked in the United States because many Americans were able to connect that with sleeping and rest, the packaging in Europe had a negative impact with customers because they connected it with being enclosed in a dark space. Taking this into consideration, they changed the package into a lighter, brighter packaging which helped their sales. Continuously researching the consumers and customers in order to provide tailored market has proved positive for the company’s image and their sales. 2. As a brand, how powerful is…...

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