Video Game Violence Contributing to Youth Crimes

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Does Video Game Violence Contribute to Youth crime Contribution towards Video game violence has been the biggest thing in youth crime since 1995. Crime rates are said to have risen and are blaming it upon violence video games such as those rated M for Mature or higher. Others have charted that crime rates dropped due to violent games which is quite right since there are other crimes far more worse then what is done in games. Scans have shown that video games teach youth that violence is acceptable to solve conflicts.
When you’re exposed to violence day in and out, it loses its emotional impact on you, once you’re emotionally numb to violence; it’s much easier to engage in violence. Violent games desensitizing players making them more aggressive towards others which increase bullying in schools. It also promotes violence against woman, which we see a lot in today’s society. In 1998 a study founded that 21% of video games involved violence against woman. The number of games with violence against women has increased dramatically since then. Exposure to sexual violence in video games is linked to increases in violence towards women. These games also give kids the idea that the way women dress or act cause them to be assaulted and that it is their fault this violence occurs against them.
While many claim to believe crime rates are caused by violent video games, juvenile crimes in the U.S declined as the popularity for violent video games have increased. Between 1995 and 2009 the arrest rates for juvenile crimes have declined 49.3%. During that same period of time, video game sales have more than quadrupled.
Study shows in 2008 reporting that 60% of male middle school students that played at least one mature rated game hit or beat up someone. This study also implies that these male students may have also been bullying other students because of these violent video…...

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