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I. Point of View
The group will use the point of view of an operations manager.

II. Time Frame
The case happen during the growth of Wegman’s Food Market.

III. SWOT Analysis A. Strength 1. They offer high product quality and excellent service 2. They have strict control over supplies, insisting on product quality and on-time deliveries. 3. They provide a good benefits and trainings to their employees 4. There is a proper segregation of duties to serve the customers effectively and efficiently 5. Each store has various special features that offer different products and services which makes it unique over the other 6. The company provides employment for it employs over 37,000 people and has annual sales of over $3 billion. 7. They are well known in the business since they gain the trust of their customers 8. Wegman’s uses the farm to market system believing themselves as fresh produce 9. They uses a companywide system to keep track of the inventory 10. Quality and customer satisfaction is a priority of Wegman’s management and its employees 11. They were able to adopt new technologies

B. Weakness 1. It has a high maintenance cost and will be paying large amount of taxes 2. They have a giant stores , 100,000 square foot superstores, that may be a burden to consumer to roam around and it will be time consuming for them to look for products if they are in a rush.

C. Opportunities 1. Wegman’s Food Market has its competitive advantage since they are already well known for their products and services 2. The company may still expand its product and services 3. It can maintain its competitive edge by continues adaptation of new technologies

D. Threat 1. There will be increasing level of competition with regards to the quality of product and its prices 2. There can be a…...

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