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When is Enough Really Enough I was inspired by John Updike because he expresses his peculiar passion for golf bliss for golf was a unique way he takes us through his passion not telling you why he likes it but how it is played and the aspects that make it so unique. Most people do not think about when thinking about all the little details involved in a passion. His since of style along with detail for every key component and concept that goes into the game is what makes his writing so much different for all the other I have read.
For a long time I never knew that one person could change your life in such a way that it shapes your future. I never knew such a passion for running could be ignited by something that you never thought or saw yourself doing and by someone you could only know for a year. It was not until I was twelve and in junior high school that I found a peculiar joy with running track.
Running hurdles was the most difficult of all the runs. Having to accurately time your jump and leg swing in order to clear the hurdle and make sure you did not lose any speed or hit the person next you presented a great degree difficulty. The size of the lanes always felt insufficient to the size of the hurdle, which made you feel that you were going to plummet. The most invigorating feeling was when you heard the popping of the starting gun, and then your heart would race as the sound ignites your senses and adrenaline running through your veins. Although hurdles were one of the hardest events to master when, acing it became one of the quickest short-lived moments of victory when you won that ribbon. Another devoted event that caught my interest was that of the long jump. Even though long jump was not a running event but more or less a one-on-one event, the outcome makes me feel on top of the world. As the skill was more about timing and technique, getting…...

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