Why Do Some High School Students Fall in Vices?

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Why do some high school students fall in vices? Introduction:
As Napoleon Bonaparte once said “Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues” and this lead us to ask what is behind why numbers of students fall into vices. Vice distracts and destructs number of high schools students in the past few years. These vices are distracting these students in their studies, their focus in learning more knowledge in preparation for the future. Besides, it’s also destructing their perseverance and dedication in excelling with their education. These vices are destroying the proper performance of these students and leading them to misconception about their foresight in life. Aside from that, their behavior is also affected and there bond with the family will also be affected. In result, most of these students tend to fail in their studies while other’s performance are affected that results in shortcoming to one’s self. These students are victims of adolescence’s curiosity or trend with the society especially pressure with his peer. Open communication lines could be a good start for a solution. Students who has vices must be given a help, such as parental and society guidance, regular counseling and care, because it would improve life for this entire fellow.

Rationale: This study is conducted to assess the reasons why number of high school students got involved with vices. This study is conducted in consideration with the rising number of students who fall in vices. This study contains surveys and review to related literature to enlighten us why this number of students is getting into vices. Using these data, we researchers shall conclude what’s their reason why and give some solutions to the problem or suggestions to the students for them to…...

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