Winding Up

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Winding up / Dissolution of Companies Business Law Haroon Ahmadi 01-111131-101

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Winding up
The term ‘winding up’ of a company may be defined as the proceedings by which a company is dissolved (i.e. the life of a company is put to an end). Thus, the winding up is the process of putting an end to the life of the company. And during this process, the assets of the company are disposed of, the debts of the company are paid off out of the realized assets or from the contributories and if any surplus is left, it is distributed among the members in proportion to their shareholding in the company. The winding up of the company is also called the ‘liquidation’ of the company. The process of winding up begins after the Court passes the order for winding up or a resolution is passed for voluntary winding up. The company is dissolved after completion of the winding up proceedings. On the dissolution, the company ceases to exist. So, the legal procedure by which the existence of an incorporated company is brought to an end is known as winding up.
Consequences of winding up
Some important consequences of winding up of company are:
As regards the company itself: Winding up does not mean that the company has ceased to exist. The company exists as a corporate entity with all the rights of such entity, with only change that its management and administration is to be carried on through liquidator / liquidators till the final dissolution of the company.
As regards the shareholders: A new statutory liability as contributories…...

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