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Review of Winning by Jack Welch

When former General Electric CEO Jack Welch reflected on the thousands of questions he has been asked over the years, he realized they could be summed up by one question, “What does it take to win” (Welch Pg.3). Welch believes when companies win, everybody wins and the world is a better place. In his book, Winning, Welch attempts to answer the question of what it takes to win. He uses his experience at General Electric, the experiences of close friends and other corporate examples to provide a detailed roadmap for creating the foundation and corporate culture required to obtain a competitive advantage and win. Welch outlines and details three central pillars to his winning formula: strong management philosophy, effective management, and a focus on competitive advantage. This review will discuss each of these three pillars and their key elements.

Welch’s first pillar to winning is management philosophy. A company’s management philosophy forms the foundation of the company and is based on four principles: strong mission and resolute values, candor, voice and dignity and differentiation. The management philosophy and four principles are critical to the goal of winning as they are a recurring theme throughout the other two pillars.

According to Welch, in order for a company to determine where it can profitably compete within an industry it needs a strong mission and resolute values. In defining a company’s mission and values, Welch cautions against often used generic mission statements and values that attempt to appease the masses. Instead, he asserts that the mission should answer the question “How do we intend to win in this business” (Welch Pg.14). By having a mission that answers this question, a company can determine its strengths and weaknesses in order to determine where the company is going. Once a company knows…...

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