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Discrimination against women in sports.

To my fellow sports fans:
As we know, football is one of the most favourite sports in the world, because of the stamina and the skills required. It is an exciting sport to watch. Many people love the sport, but not everyone has the the privilege to play football due to their gender. Women also love the sport but they are often discriminated against in several ways like not letting them wear the Hijabs, not paying them well, not letting them be in higher position in leadership role in sports, not giving them much media coverage or sponsorship etc. I’m going to discuss more about these problems that need to be solved so that women can also have a chance of playing the sport they want as men do.

Women from some Muslim countries are required to wear their hijab at all times as a respect to muslim religion. Recently, in the 2012 olympics which was held in the U.K , the Iranian women’s football team had been disqualified against Jordan before the match even started because they want to wear their Hijab while playing. The Iranian women’s football team were sent home the next day leaving the female players in tears. The rules and regulation by the FIFA board stated “We are committed to a diverse culture. There shall be no discrimination as a result of race, ethnicity, origin, skin colour, nationality, religion, age, gender, language, physical appearance, sexual orientation or political opinion, or engagement in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above-mentioned or any other criteria”. By that statement, I personally think that the FIFA had violated its own rules because they failed to respect the islamic cultures. The FIFA responded this situation saying, “ Wearing the Hijab while playing was a safety issue because it could cause choking injuries”. The FIFA board had design a cap that…...

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