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Most safe place for women :-Is India As compare to the other countries INDIA is only country where women got the respective position .Here women has not only gone to the space , in fact they are worshiped as a lord.In one of the village of India ,there is still PANCHAALI PRATHA is going on,where a single woman can get marry to many men but man's are not allowed to get marry with more then one woman, also for getting married with a girl ,the BROOM family has to pay huge amount of money i.E. Dowry.
Secondly from the ancient time , tribal area of INDIA is still given all decisional authorities to women. Like A Woman can choose their BROOM ,She can live with a man without getting marriage and she can leave the man according to their wishes.
In some of the places of Harayana have women dominating area's.
So in this way it is proved that India is save for women any only country which respect to the women as compared to men
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Only in some places It depends where you are. For example, in South India, places like the very liberal state of Kerala are much safer than places like New Delhi (the capital). In New Delhi women traveling alone are not very safe, even if they don't get full out assaulted there is still some "feeling" of danger for women.
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Biased media reporting India is not much more unsafe as any other country. But our media is obsessed with reporting every rape case because it is more sensational than other crimes. Compare the cases of murder and the number of rapes. There are far relatively more rapes reported in the media than murders.
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Laws are there Laws have been enacted for women safety.....Government are punishing those who are culprits.....As handful of people are mean we must not blame are…...

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...Brandon Hines Safety, Health, and Environment Developing Today’s Safety Aspects In the last century, the modern aspects in safety for Process Technicians have helped make a better work environment, for those who make the products we use in our everyday lives. Many unfortunate, tragic, but educational events helped point the industry in the right direction. Through these events the industry has grown and developed newer safer equipment, improved its employee’s safety/well-being, and created a safer, more aware community. On December 3, 1984, a toxic gas cloud escaped from a chemical plant in Bhopal, India. The cloud slowly made its way into the community killing over two thousand people and seriously harming many others. The gas cloud was composed of methyl isocyanate (MIC). MIC is a major component used in the production of Sevin and Temik, pesticides used to control insect infestations and crop production in India. This was the first time that a major chemical manufacturer has had a deadly leak near a populated area. This helped show that the community needed to be more aware of what was around them. The industry began investigations to discover what really took place that day in order to prevent such an event from occurring again. The Union Carbide plant produced a wide range of pesticides that were very critical to the economy of India. For the production of these products, a number of steps were required. The first step was the reaction of carbon monoxide with......

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