Workplace Violence

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Problem definition:

"Workplace violence" it is violence against coworkers at workplace that can range from verbal abuse to physical assault, and ending by victims and or committing suicide.
Such violence prompted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to label workplace violence a “national epidemic”.

Justification of the problem:

It is mainly due to job related causes leading to committing such violence at workplace, some other reasons might be included, like managers lack of awareness to at-risk employees, failure of security measures, and absences of antiviolence policy at workplace.

List of alternatives:

1. Providing effective security systems at workplace. 2. Regular employees orientation on antiviolence polices at workplace and the proper reporting system 3. Manager awareness training of at-risk employees.

Alternatives evaluation:

1. Providing an effective security system at workplace:
Security systems are very crucial at workplace and must be installed, like metal detectors and surveillance cameras, as it can easily detect weapons and prohibit its availability in the workplace, also monitoring every part of the working plant or facility, as it gives a chance for a proper interference of the security forces before the action takes place or goes more aggressive.

2. Regular employees orientation on antiviolence polices at workplace and the proper reporting system:
As violence at workplace is increasing and being considered as a national epidemic in the US, every facility should have antiviolence polices like the code of ethics and working rules. Also all employees should have orientation sessions included in the induction program just after the hiring process is completed, and those sessions must be repeated from time to time explaining to employees to report in such appearance of a hint of the employee…...

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