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The Modifiers of Human Act I. Ignorance
- The absence of knowledge which a person ought to possess. * Vincible Ignorance- one which can easily corrected. * Affected Ignorance- A vincible ignorance which is intentionally kept in an effort to escape responsibilities.

* Invincible Ignorance- one which is not easily remedied, because the person is either not aware of is ignorance or being aware of it, does not have the means to rectify such ignorance.

II. Passions
- They are either Tendencies towards desirable objects or Tendencies away from undesirable objects. * Antecedent Passion- comes as a natural reaction to an object or stimulus * Consequent Passion- the result of an act which causes it to be aroused

III. Fear
- The disturbance of the mind of a person who is confronted by a danger to himself or loved ones. * Actions that which are difficult or dangerous are done with fear. * Acting out of fear is when fear causes a person to act.

IV. Violence
- Any physical force exerted on a person by a free agent

V. Habits
- Something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.

The Ends of Human Act
-It is said that a man doesn’t act aimlessly. His action is done for a purpose. * The "End"
- is the purpose or goal of an act. It is either the end of the act itself or the end of doer.

* The End of the act
- is the natural termination or completion of an activity.
- The purpose of an action
-The purpose is already attained * The end of the doer
-is the motive or reason why a person performs an act.
- the purpose of the person…...

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