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Collaboration Review Week 3
Kaytee Deaver
Sudesh Kannan

This week we hit a pretty heavy topic, the effects of marijuana in a business. Many people are lead to believe that marijuana does not matter to them because they do not use it or they do not allow it around their business. When in fact marijuana effects everyone right now. There are many thing that are being affected because of the legalization of marijuana. Other medication effects
Being in the trucking industry, my drivers cannot under any circumstances use marijuana because the FEDs have not approved it as a medicine, it is still a controlled substance in their eyes. I have one driver who has anxiety, she has to take pills for it. These particular pills, your body becomes dependent on and you can’t just stop taking it. Your body will have withdrawn symptoms. So why would we want our truckers driving all over the country using pills instead of a natural plant? Truckers are allowed to take Xanax for their anxiety, Xanax is a very addictive pill also, and it also is a very strong pill that causes you to black out, forget things, and just pass out, fall asleep. I tried Xanax for my anxiety and it was not something I could use and function in a normal day. I am not okay with my drivers using pills instead of marijuana. I have another driver who has a bad hip, she is getting a whole hip replacement soon. This driver is not even allowed to use CBD lotion on her hip that does not even get her high. Instead she is overloaded with pain pills that are bad for her kidneys.
One thing people do not think about is how crime effects their business. Where I am from, there is so much crime! People think twice before opening a business in certain places in the city. Location and its surroundings can affect your business. In Colorado violent crime dropped 400% in just the first three months of…...

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